Welcome to the
iOS App Development Challenge!

Use your summer wisely this year! Join this program and learn how to design and build apps using powerful tools from Apple, while solving a pressing challenge facing society today. We can't wait to see what you build!



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What is the iOS App
Development Challenge?

In this program, you will use powerful tools and resources from Apple to develop an app to solve an urgent problem for individuals or societies in one of the following three areas: education, health or the environment. Top apps will be selected to win prizes!

2021 Theme: Be Well Together

What issues and challenges do you care about in education, health and the environment? Choose a problem in one of these areas and build an app to help fix the problem.

Focus areas for 2021:
- Education
- Health
- Environment

Two ways to compete:

Category 1 - UX/UI Design
Design a working prototype of your app.

Category 2 - Full App Development
Build a fully functional app using Swift programming language.

Who can participate?

This program is offered to all students in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (all locations, including Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain and Al Dhafra regions).

Teams or individuals?

Both! Students may choose to compete as indviduals or in teams of 2-4. Teams may be from one school or mixed across schools.


Students 14-18 Years Old


Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Al Dhafra

High Schools

Private and Government

How does the program work?

The iOS App Development Challenge runs through the summer, ending in November 2021. All along the way, there are exciting events to participate in.

Stage 1

May 2021

Registration. Click the links on this page to sign up for the program. Note that parents must register their children.

Stage 2

June 2021

Kickoff & Concepts. Get up to speed by attending a kickoff session and then submit your app concept to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3

Summer 2021

Workshops & Development Time. All summer, attend workshops on key concepts in app development. Then, get to work!

Stage 4

Fall 2021

Submission. Put down your devices! Time to submit your UX/UI design or final app to be judged. Upon submission, a panel will evaluate each project.

Stage 5

November 2021

Awards Ceremony. All finished projects will receive certificates. A ceremony will be held to award prizes to the top projects.

Workshops to guide you through the program.

Expert trainers from MDS CTS, an Apple Authorized Education Specialist, will host virtual workshops on key topics related to app development.

Future of Work
60 mins

Careers and skills of the future

A World Accessible to All
60 mins

Accessibility on Apple

60 mins

Everyone can create!

60 mins

Analyze a problem and communicate findings creatively

App Prototyping
90 mins

Design an interactive app prototype in Keynote

App Development with Swift
90 mins

Introduction to Swift and app development

Development & Documentation
90 mins

Documenting the app development process

App Showcase & Closing
60 mins

App showcase, awards and closing ceremony

This summer, make an app... Time to sign up!

Do you need to purchase a device?

Inquire about purchasing devices at an education discount.